Now know how the employees are really doing: robin mood, know what's going on

what it looks like

robin mood at a glance


Everything you want to know at a glance:
How many interviews are pending?
How many people actually participate? How has the mood in the company developed?

Determine the mood

Choose from several predefined question catalogs to determine the mood in your organization.

Individual survey

If the existing questionnaires do not meet your wishes or requirements, you can quickly and conveniently create your own survey. The following answer formats are available to you:

  • Yes/No - Question
  • Yes/No/Maybe - Question
  • Traffic light question
  • Multiple choice
  • Single choice
  • Dichotome (either/or)
  • Likert scale (3 to 9 gradations)
  • Open question (restricted evaluation)


Here you can see the results of your surveys in detail.


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Price per
Emp. / month

€ 1,80

Package price / month

€ 178,20


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